Danville Materials

Accolade SRO (super radiopaque) flowable composite has a radiopacity of 320% of aluminum, (similar to titanium). Radiographs were never easier to read. SRO is an ideal material for a base with its high compressive strength. The Accolade family of flowables is a more thixotropic formulation of Starflow. Confirmed in a recent review by a leading clinical reviewer, Accolade SRO is the most radiopaque flowable on the market, yet it is value priced. It also offers the exceptional strength, aesthetics, and polishability of Starflow and other composites in the Accolade family. It is available in A-5, A-2, and extralight. For more information, call (800) 827-7940 or visit danvillematerials.com.



Snap-On Smile is a practical and effective solution that serves as a noninvasive cosmetic enhancement option as well as a diagnostic appliance. It requires no prepping, injections, or adhesives. Its design is flexible, incredibly strong, and snaps right over patients’ natural teeth. Retention is completely tooth-borne, so the appliance does not impinge on the gum tissue or cover the palate, making it look and feel very natural. Patients love Snap-On Smile because they look great, and it allows them to eat and drink normally. It can be used as an implant provisional and as a replacement for partial dentures. It is also a terrific incentive for patients who are in need of—but are hesitant to commit to—more involved restorative treatments. For more information, call (888) 237-7294 or visit denmat.com/snaponsmile.



More than 85% of doctors—according to a 2012 DENTSPLY Caulk survey—claim that SureFil SDR flow has simplified their Class I and II procedures. SureFil SDR flow material can be placed in 4-mm increments, saving up to 40% in placement time, making it the most preferred flowable composite for Class I and II procedures, according to the DENTSPLY Caulk survey. It possesses all the benefits that are desired in a flowable composite, including stress absorption and excellent cavity adaptation. It now comes with the added benefit of bulk filling. With its unique self-leveling handling, it requires little to no manipulation of the material after placement and provides excellent cavity adaptation. SureFil SDR flow material is the first-ever bulk-fill flowable base available in individual, predosed Compula tips and a convenient syringe delivery. For more information, call (800) 532-2855 or visit surefilsdrflow.com.


Directa Dental

The CoForm matrix system is an innovative kit of preformed celluloid plastic transparent matrices specifically designed to restore realistic shape and form to composite restorations that replace incisal edges and fractured teeth. The preformed anatomical matrices are available in sizes that accommodate most clinical situations: anteriors, cuspids, and first molars. The handy clinical dispenser simplifies size and shape selection. For more information, call (800) 284-3368 or visit directadental.com.


DMG America

New PermaCem 2.0 provides an exceptional self-adhesive bond to zirconium. This universal, dual-cure composite luting cement can be used for the permanent cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and root posts without the need for separate enamel and dentin bonding. By incorporating a recently developed adhesive monomer formula, PermaCem 2.0 offers an exceptional bond across all substrates. Plus, as a single-step cement, it provides the added benefit of not requiring an etching step, which saves time and reduces post-op sensitivity. It also features a lower water sorption rate for greater reliability and improved aesthetics. It is exceptionally flowable under pressure, and excess can be quickly removed for fast and easy cleanup. It is available in shades A2 (Universal), A3 (Opaque), and Transparent. For more information, call (800) 662-6383 or visit dmg-america.com.


DUX Dental

Developed using proprietary prismatic nanofillers, ZONEfree has the ability to blend to any adjacent surface, making it a terrific option for all your temporary cementing needs, especially for aesthetic cases. It is a zinc-oxide noneugenol temporary cement that gives you effortless cleanup and unsurpassed ease of removal. This translucent temporary cement sets in 2 minutes without a curing light. For more information, call (800) 833-8267 or visit duxdental.com/zonefree.


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