SS White Burs

´╗┐Configured for precision endodontic access and exploration of single root canals, the Anterior/Bicuspid Endodontic Access & Exploration Kit features the SS White Great White No. 2 metal cutting bur, the Great White Z Diamonds for access through porcelain and zirconia, and 4 EndoGuide Burs for straight-line canal access and exploration. The patented, microdiameter, conical-shaped EndoGuide Bur tip acts as a self-centering guide, eliminating "runoff" associated with round burs that can lead to gouging and ledging. Compared to round burs, this straight-line path provides an ideally shaped guide-path for endodontic files to help prevent file deflection. EndoGuide Burs feature long, lateral blades that sustain guidance when exploring root canals and blending the canal orifice shape to the root shape. The diminutive, conical-shaped tip offers increased tactile sense of tooth surface variations. EndoGuide Burs maximize treatment efficiency and conserve healthy pericervical dentin. For more information, call (800) 535-2877 or visit

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