Laser-Lok dental implants are ideal for the aesthetic zone because of their dual-affinity nature to attract both hard and soft tissue. Unique in the profession, these implants have been shown through 24 years of research to elicit a precise biologic response that includes the inhibition of eplithelial downgrowth and the establishment of a physical, connective tissue seal that protects and maintains crestal bone. Laser-Lok dental implants include diameters ranging from 3 to 6 mm for great versatility to be placed throughout the entire arch. The 3-mm versions have been shown to be significantly stronger than competitor implants. This strength advantage is critical for small-diameter implants. All tapered Laser-Lok dental implants are placed with a universal surgical kit and are offered with a broad array of prosthetic components to optimize your restoration. For more information, call (888) 246-8338 or visit biohorizons.com.



Crestal bone preservation through the PREVAIL implant’s integrated platform-switching feature optimizes patient aesthetics with as little as 0.37 mm of bone recession and 50% reduction in crestal bone remodeling versus nonplatform-switched implants. Its unique Certain Internal Connection design provides higher seal strength as compared to the competitive average. It has enhanced osseointegration with OSSEOTITE and NanoTite PREVAIL Implants and 2 implant systems designed for primary stability with surface topographies targeting bone apposition and early healing. Additionally, research shows peri-implantitis risk mitigation with the OSSEOTITE surface. For more information, call (800) 342-5454 or visit the Web site biomet3i.com.


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