OCO Biomedical

´╗┐Loaded with innovative design features, the I-Mini dental implant system has all the functionality and capabilities of a conventional implant. The first one-piece, 3.0-mm mini introduced to the United States, it is also the only mini implant with a bull-nose auger tip designed to lock into bone. Employing the proven OCO Biomedical Dual Stabilization design, the I-Mini secures the tip and the collar to provide a stable platform that resists lateral occlusal forces. With a reported success rate of more than 99% for almost a decade, it is also the preferred smaller-diameter solution when patient bone ridge quality is not optimal. Ideal for both overdenture stabilization and crown-and-bridge applications, the I-Mini system uses a simple and minimally invasive placement protocol. This system allows dentists to quickly and profitably place and restore cases of any complexity. For more information, call (800) 228-0477 or visit ocobiomedical.com.


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