CEMENTATION SYSTEM - Pentron Clinical Technologies

Mojo Veneer Cement is the latest in adhesive technology. It is a light-cured, aesthetic cementation system designed for use with porcelain, ceramic, and composite veneer restorations. This ideal cement offers 2 important features: try-in gels that consistently match the polymerized cement and no detectable shade shift. It lets you give your patients the self-confidence they deserve. For more information, call (203) 265-7397 or visit pentron.com.


DISPOSABLE PROPHY ANGLE - Premier Dental Products

The 2pro Total Access Disposable Prophy Angles are designed with a dual-action cup and tip for cleaning and polishing all tooth surfaces. After polishing, remove the cup and use the tip to clean all remaining areas. Its gearless design ensures it will run smoothly. Its 100° angle provides comfortable and convenient access to all areas of the mouth. It is latex-free and available in 4 cup styles. For more information, call (888) 670-6100 or visit premusa.com.



The eFiber and Perma Mesh are the only fiber reinforcement materials that bond to composites and acrylics to increase strength up to 100 times, are invisible, easy to adjust and polish, bond to enamel, and are easy to use chairside. They include full and partial denture repair, reinforce weak areas in overdentures, night guards, periodontal splinting, space maintainers, nonmetallic Maryland bridges, and more. For more information, call (800) 232-7732.



ProDrive System's patented locking turbine and triangular bur design firmly grips the bur for faster, smoother cutting and superior cut accuracy with reduced bur vibration and heat generated on the tooth. It is a turbine upgrade compatible with today's leading brand handpieces. It allows dentists to continue using their preferred handpiece, yet empowers their handpiece for superior overall performance. For more information, call (866) 937-8882 or visit prodrivesystems.com.


MATRIX SYTEM - Polydentia

Maximat Plus is the innovative matrix system for tightening steel or plastic matrices in the posterior region. Thanks to Maximat Plus, conventional retainers are no longer needed. The matrix is kept in position by a little spool, providing enhanced comfort for the dentist and patient. Maximat Plus is the only system featuring autoclavable spools. It is reusable and therefore more economically and ecologically sound. For more information, visit polydentia.com.



The Perio Tray is used to place solutions of the clinician's choice into gingival crevices or periodontal pockets. The choice of the solutions, the frequency of use, and the time it is to be in place is determined by the clinician, which is based on individual patient conditions. For more information, call (866) 693-3400 or visit periotray.com.



The E.T.C. (Easy Temporary Cement) is the strongest bonding temporary cement on the market, yet still snaps off clean when you want it to. Its low viscosity ensures complete seating of the temporary. It contains Triclosan and offers great sealing of the margin, excellent aesthetics, and super-easy dual-cure placement and cleanup. For more information, call (800) 243-7446.

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