Captek Nano bridges offer superior aesthetics and long-term health protection for the abutment teeth compared to traditional PFM, lithium disilicate, and zirconia restorations. Two recent studies comparing Captek Nano and zirconia bridges showed cyclic fatigue did not have a significant effect on Captek Nano frameworks, and researchers did not observe any statistical difference in strength between Captek Nano Bridges and zirconia bridges. For more information, call (800) 921-2227 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


ALIGNMENT DEVICE - Align Technology

Invisalign G4 SmartForce features and software deliver optimized control and predictability for improving clinical outcomes. Optimized root control attachments control mesiodistal root tips for canines and central incisors. Multiplane movement features improve predictability for upper laterals undergoing extrusion. Improved extrusion attachments extrude anterior teeth as a unit, leveraging the posterior teeth as anchorage. Don't miss seeing next-generation alignment in action. For more information, call (408) 470-1000 or visit invisalign.com.



Warming composites couldn't be easier with the Calset Tri Tray. Not only will it warm your compule in a dispenser gun, it warms 2 placement instruments that will enable you to sculpt the composite easier and with more precision. It also holds and warms 3 extra compules. Using the CoMax dispenser, the compule can be picked up directly from the tray without even touching the compule. For more information, call (203) 778-0200 or visit the Web site addent.com.



Ideal for workspaces where plumbing is a concern, the AMC-20 is the latest generation in self-contained dental delivery carts. Features include a 2-hp compressor, powerful vacuum system, and dual-bottle water supply. Additional benefits include automatic handpiece selection, optional ultrasonic scaler, and optional fiber-optic system. Instrumentation arms swivel to ensure appropriate positioning. For more information, call (866) 244-2954 or visit aseptico.com.



Designed for the first-time laser dentist and hygienist, the Picasso Lite's ultra-affordable price point, ease of use, and sleek design has earned recognition as one of the world's most popular lasers. It's the perfect replacement for a scalpel and electrosurge for the use of treating soft tissue. For more information, call (866) 999-2635.



American-made, engineered to perform, and professionally endorsed, the Azenic DHP Disposable High-Speed Handpiece is the perfect stand-in for removing old crown/bridge work, general surgical procedures, and advancing your infection control—saving your metallic handpiece from the costly wear-and-tear of these difficult procedures and saving your practice from cross-contamination concerns. For more information, call (888) 347-7576 or visit azenic.com.


DRY VACUUM - Air Techniques

The new Mojave dry vacuum offers benefits that you won't find in most systems, including: (1) consistency through best-in-class flow rate; (2) longevity and efficiency through an advanced, on-demand pump and control system; (3) redundancy through stacking multiple units for up to 20 users; (4) innovative master controller that indicates operating temperature, pump speed, and running hours; and (5) a completely reinvented tank design. For more information, visit airtechniques.com.



The new i-Endo Dual endodontic motor represents a breakthrough in rotary endodontic technology, offering both reciprocating and rotary modes of operation with extreme precision. The freedom of choice with different modes allows it compatibility with any manufacturer rotary file system for unmatched versatility. The i-Endo Dual has the ability to customize up to 10 present programs and has settings for 5 contra-angle ratios. For more information, call (800) 289-6367 or visit acteongroup.com.


FLEXIBLE PARTIALS - Assured Dental Laboratory

Lucitone FRS by DENTSPLY is a thermoplastic injectable resin offering superior flexibility for excellent patient comfort and transparency for optimal aesthetics. Its FRS characteristics are higher tensile strength, higher flexural strength, and 4 Lucitone 199 shades plus clear for optimal aesthetics. It's monomer-free, metal-free, and stain-resistant, and eliminates costly remakes. For more information, call (877) 283-5351 or visit assureddentallab.com.


FLOWMETER - Accutron

The Digital Ultra Flushmount Flowmeter, with the control unit separated from the gas supply module, mounts in cabinets where space is limited. Its features include: (1) percentage controls (adjust the flow and gas percentage remains constant; adjust the gas and flow remains constant); (2) brightly lit digital readouts and electronic flow tube displays; and (3) easy-to-clean and disinfect or barrier-protected sealed membrane. For more information, call (800) 531-2221 or visit accutron-inc.com.



Advanced LED technology has been optically engineered specifically for dentists and the dental operatory. The A-dec LED stands alone in the market because of how well it reduces eyestrain and provides optimal ergonomics while ensuring ample illumination, clarity, and depth during treatment. The new offering features multiple intensity levels, cure-safe mode, low cost of ownership, and intuitive ergonomics. For more information, call (503) 554-4018 or visit a-dec.com.