IMPLANT - OCO Biomedical

The new Engage implant features OCO Biomedical's patent-pending Bull-Nose Auger tip, aggressive body threads, and Mini Cortic-O Thread. It also incorporates the universal internal hex connection, making it compatible with multiple implant system's abutments and drivers. The Engage is bundled with a temporary abutment/impression coping, flush healing screw, tissue extension, and analog at an extremely competitive price. For more information, call (800) 228-0477.


LED HEADLIGHT - Orascoptic

The new Zeon Endeavour LED Headlight combines both power and comfort while delivering outstanding illumination. Endeavour features the miniature gumdrop headlight, capacitive touch technology, and a compact battery unit. This light delivers up to 4,000 foot candles of high quality white light. For more information, call (800) 369-3698 or visit orascoptic.com/endeavourpr.



Obtura Spartan is proud of its newest heat source, the Obtura MaxPack. It represents the latest technology for gutta-percha compaction during endodontic procedures. This product can be used to remove excess gutta-percha during lateral condensation techniques, create an endodontic post space, or compact gutta-percha for warm gutta-percha injection techniques. For more information, call (800) 344-1321 or visit obtura.com.



OralDNA Labs will be showcasing 2 molecular salivary DNA tests to help dentists identify patients with or at risk for periodontal disease. MyPerioPath detects the presence and quantity of specific bacteria associated with periodontal disease, while MyPerioID PST assesses an individual's genetic risk for periodontal disease. For more information, call (877) 577-9055 or visit oraldna.com/training.


17th Annual Midwinter Product Showcase