Diode Laser -

CAO Group’s Precise SHP diode laser is the first mobile touchscreen diode laser to feature the iPod touch. This comprehensive laser system complements advances in everyday dental procedures. The laser offers live customer support via FaceTime, updates, and access to training videos and procedures. For more information, call (800) 645-6594.


File - Charles B. Schwed

Charles B. Schwed’s C Files are ideal for negotiating calcified, torturous, or severely curved canals. The files are available in 21- and 25-mm lengths and size Nos. 06, 08, and 10. These allow the practitioner to lean on the instrument more, enabling easier negotiation. For more information, call (800) 847-4073.


Laser - Convergent

Convergent’s Solea, the first CO2 laser system cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue, nearly eliminates the drill from dentistry. At 9.3 µm, it’s fast, precise, virtually silent, and anesthesia-free for the vast majority of procedures. Pain and anxiety will soon be a thing of the past. For more information, call (800) 880-8589 or visit the Web site convergentdental.com.


Milling Machine - Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental’s CS Solutions gives practitioners the ability to scan, design, mill, and place a restoration within their practice in just one appointment. The product portfolio comprises an intraoral scanner, CBCT impression scanning system, restoration design software, a milling machine, and a hosted, Web-based platform. For more information, call (800) 944-6365.


Provisional Composite - CLINICIAN’S CHOICE

CLINICIAN’S CHOICE’s new INSPIRE Esthetic Provisional Composite delivers exceptional esthetics, unbeatable durability, and improved procedural efficiency. With superior physical properties, bis-acryl INSPIRE is resistant to the extreme forces of occlusion, while its dense cure allows for easy finishing and a smoother, less porous feel for your patients. It is ideal for single or multiple units. For more information, call (800) 265-3444 or visit clinicianschoice.com.


Temporary Crown and Bridge Material - Cosmedent

Cosmedent’s MirrorImage is part of an exciting new product line that creates beautiful temporary crown and bridge restorations with special features for both dentists and patients. It has faster working and setting times, superior handling, strength and durability, a low exothermic reaction, excellent esthetics, and a natural fluorescence. For more information, call (800) 621-6729 or visit cosmedent.com.


Ultrasonic Scaler - Coltene

Coltene’s BioSonic SUVI piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler is the ultimate multipurpose device for traditional scaling in addition to endodontics, periodontics, implant maintenance, and restorative treatments. The Elite Series provides all the features of the Premier Series and includes an air polisher to create one versatile tool for ultrasonic and polishing treatments. For more information, call (800) 221-3046.


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