Implant - HIOSSEN

HIOSSEN’s ETIII Implant is the optimal bone level fixture for both clinical and esthetic results. Its surface is sand-blasted with alumina and acid-etched to increase surface morphology and roughness and to quickly activate cell differentiation, proliferation, and gene expression of osteogenic proteins. This provides superior bone-to-implant contact. In addition, its ideal abutment-fixture interaction minimizes micromovements, reducing percolation of saliva and bacteria. For more information, call (888) 678-0001 or visit hiossen.com.


Online Training Course - HealthFirst

HealthFirst now offers an online training course on how to use the medications and devices that make up a dental office’s emergency medical kit, the bag-valve-mask resuscitator, and portable oxygen. The course features Don Cohen, DMD, and is appropriate not only for the dentist but also for the entire staff and those who may need to assist in an emergency. The course takes about one hour. For more information, call (800) 331-1984 or visit healthfirst.com.


Practice Management Software - Henry Schein Dentrix

Henry Schein Dentrix, trusted by dentists for more than 20 years, leads the profession with 33,000 practices currently using the system to grow their practices. Award-winning tools provide superior charting capabilities, im-proved productivity, and superior imaging connectivity. It is what you need to build a foundation for the digital dental office. And with the Dentrix G5 Connected program, you can choose how you build your practice with Dentrix-compatible applications. For more information, call (800) 336-8749.


19th Annual Midwinter Product Showcase