The "New Normal?" Navigating Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Drs. Jacinthe M. Paquette, Cherilyn G. Sheets, and Jean C. Wu share what they have been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic to get ready to reopen their office to all phases of patient care.

The Right Stuff: A Requirement for Success

Dr. Lori Trost talks about choosing the right equipment and technologies to ensure success for a modern cosmetic dental practice.

Ridge Augmentation: Understanding the Power and Potential of Particulate Grafting

Dr. C. Stephen Caldwell discusses advances in bone grafting that are positively affecting patient outcomes.

A Streamlined Protocol for Full-Arch Implant Restorations

Dr. Taylor Manalili shows that by following a streamlined restorative protocol and taking advantage of modern restorative materials and CAD/CAM technology, full-arch implant restorations can be highly predictable, beautiful, and long-lasting.

Modern Materials and Digital Technology: The Keys to a Predictable Hybrid Workflow

Mr. Conrad Rensburg discusses important factors involved in achieving a predictable hybrid workflow.

Ethics Meets Artificial Intelligence

Focus On: Laser Dentistry for the General Practice


Doctor-Lab Communication in the Digital Age

Dr. Gary Kaye speaks about the role and importance of communication with the dental lab team in the digital workflow.

Closed-System Negative Pressure Irrigation: A Serious Inflection Point in Root Canal Cleaning

Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan describes the irrigation challenges faced when delivering single-visit RCT to complex root canal spaces, along with several recent
innovations in cleaning technology.

Root Resorption: Causes and Remedies
Drs. Stephen Cohen and Ahmed Shawky discuss the etiologies and some of the possible solutions for treating root resorption.

Simple Maxillary Sinus Tenting and Implant Placement

Dr. Stephanie Tilley presents a clinical case involving sinus tent augmentation, implant placement, and final crown fabrication.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Early Implant Failure: What Every Clinician Should Know
Drs. Richard J. Miron, Michael A. Pikos, and Mark Bishara present recent research on the prominent links between vitamin deficiencies and early implant failure.

Treating White Spot Lesions: Protocol for a Professionally Dispensed CPP-ACP Paste

Dr. Ron Kaminer presents a case report that outlines a minimally invasive protocol that was developed by the author to treat white spot lesions.

Beauty: Much More Than the Smile!

Dr. Ross W. Nash outlines how the smile of a beauty contestant was improved upon using a variety of all-ceramic restorations.

Diode Lasers in Restorative Dentistry: An Absolute Necessity for Optimal Care

Dr. Robert A. Lowe discusses a variety of clinical treatments, in addition to pre-impression troughing of the soft tissue, that can be easily done using a diode laser.

Know Your Leukoplakias to Identify Oral Cancer

Focus On: Focus On: Disruptive Technologies for 2020


What You Can’t See Can Hurt You! Ensuring Success Via Full Polymerization of Composites

Dr. Douglas L. Lambert discusses the importance of the proper and full polymerization of composite materials.

The Technological Revolution in Implants and Aligners:
How 3-D Printing and Planning Software Are Impacting Care
Drs. Brady Frank, Kevin Ison, Pete Stover, and Trent Anderson share insights on how 3-D printing and planning software are shaping clinical opportunities.

Technology Upgrades in Re-treating a Hybrid Prosthesis

Dr. Timothy F. Kosinski outlines the rehabilitation of a patient who suffered serious dental injuries in an automobile accident.

Tips for Treating Patients With Limited Openings

Dr. Manor Haas shares many clinical tips and tricks and the necessary instruments needed to do root canal treatments in patients with limited mouth openings.

Light Curing in Restorative Dentistry: The Devil Is in the Details

Dr. Jeff J. Brucia reviews the current research and his 32 years of clinical experience to provide some techniques and guidelines, as well as some limitations and concerns, to allow for predictable success with everyday light-cured procedures.

Phasing Complex Cases When Opening the VDO
Dr. Michael C. Fling discusses a long-lasting intermediate restorative material option that allows clinicians to do treatment in phases to better accommodate a patient’s financial needs.

The Biggest Killer of Dentists

Focus On: Open Formats


Conservative Treatment of a Non-Consonant Smile Arc

Dr. Thomas E. Dudney outlines a conservative approach to the treatment of a non-consonant smile arc.

Private Group Practice Develops Unique Mentorship Program

Dr. Steven Barrett discusses an exemplary model for group practice dentistry.

Same-Day Smile With Full-Mouth Guided Surgery

Dr. Todd Engel outlines the steps followed to complete a guided surgery in his practice.

Simplifying the Decision Tree: Choosing Graft and Membrane Options After Extractions
Dr. Steven L. Rasner presents a series of short clinical cases, from socket grafting and veneer grafting to horizontal augmentation.

Direct Resin Veneer Technique: Using A Single-Shade Composite

Dr. James H. Peyton presents a case involving a single direct resin veneer using a universal-shade composite.

Retreatment vs Extraction and Implant: Making Sound Clinical Treatment Decisions

Dr. Rico Short discusses the thought processes required for decisions related to retreatment vs extraction and implant placement.

Grow Your Practice by Focusing on Three Numbers

Focus On: Teledentistry for Private Practice


Interdisciplinary Endodontics

Dr. John West discusses principles that lead to endodontic predictability and shares several long-term interdisciplinary results where endodontics provided the missing link.

Mastering Irrigation in Endodontics, Part 2
Dr. Carlos A. Spironelli Ramos presents techniques to properly clean the root canal system.

Full-Arch Implant Surgical and Restorative Considerations: Innovative Digital Workflow Using a Verification Jig With Teeth

Drs. Scott D. Ganz and Isaac Tawil share innovations to improve workflow and to ensure success with single and dual full-arch implant reconstructions.

Maxillary Osteotomy Implant Site Preparation: A Less Traumatic and Safer Approach
Drs. Pavel Krastev, Gregori M. Kurtzman, Arun K. Garg, Sherif Radwan, and Kevin Frawley introduce a new and safer approach to implant site preparation in the maxilla.

Tooth Repair Using a Bioactive Restorative

Drs. Theodore P. Croll and Nathaniel C. Lawson talk about a technique for adolescent patients using a bioactive material.

Supragingival Dentistry for Aesthetic Rehabilitations: Implementing the 3 Golden Rules of Occlusion

Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz shares how he implemented minimally invasive principles into a recent rehabilitation case.

Controversies in Coding: Provisionals and Interims

Focus On: Mommy Dentists in Business

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