Join a panel of telehealth experts to understand the real questions and opportunities providers will have integrating teledentistry into their practice in a post-Covid-19 world.

Key topics of discussion:

  • What is telehealth?

  • What are the benefits of teledentistry?

  • How do you ensure HIPAA compliance?

  • How does telehealth work with insurance and case reimbursement?

  • What are other revenues streams you can pursue via telehealth?
Paul Feuerstein, DMD our Technology Editor has been interviewing an amazing array of dental luminaries during the "lockdown". It is time for him to get back to practice and turn his focus to patient care. This is his view of what the next few weeks will hold for his dental practice, and his promise to return with more interviews and videos related to new products, processes and practice ideas. In effect, he is interviewing himself.
Since 1989, Stanley M. Bergman has been Chairman of the Board and CEO of Henry Schein, Inc., a Fortune 500® company and the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental and medical practitioners, with more than 19,000 Team Schein Members and operations or affiliates in 31 countries. He gives us some information on what is facing the industry, what is going on with our PPE situation and thoughts on our practices going forward. Also learn about the Henry Schein Thrive Recovery Program.
Lois Banta brings over 30 years of expertise to dentistry. Her Banta Consulting, international lecture series (including being featured at many of Gordon Christensen's events), heading up the Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and more leads to her being the most trusted advisor to dental practices. She shares a few tips in this short talk that you dont want to miss.
Goalie Kelly Dyer (Hayes) helped put women's hockey on the map. Her Hall of Fame career, Silver Medal and design of women's hockey gear and attire are an amazing story, prior to her helping keep the world's air better working at Surgically Clean Air.
Kelly Dyer Hayes is the director of business development for Surgically Clean Air, which is a company that provides UV-C lights wrapped in titanium dioxide in order to kill germs. She explains how the company's systems put the air through 6 stages of filtration to destroy any possible germs.
David Claridge is a CAD/CAM specialist for Carestream Dental who normally travels throughout the world to help educate people about the company's products. He's not traveling now, so he has more time to conduct webinars about some of Carestream Dental's products.
Michelle Lee, executive director of OSAP, discusses the role OSAP plays in infection control for the dental profession. She says it's important to pay attention to various government organizations like the ADA to see how personal protective equipment complies with specific guidelines.
Chuck Cohen, Benco Dental's managing director, discusses how the company has been adversely impacted by the coronavirus. He also mentions the challenges dentists face now, and for the foreseeable future, in procuring personal protective equipment.
Dr. Arash Hakhamian was recently named a top 100 practicing dentist. He speaks about Dentulu, which is a marketplace that digitally connects people from any aspect of dentistry, including patients, hygientists, dentists, insurance companies, and more.

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